The college has established its name in the field of sports at the various levels (University, state, regional and national). The Joining of the new Physical Director Mr. S.M. Khokhar, the College has got a new boost.


The college organizes its Annual Sports Meet during the month of Jan.-February. It has been organized successively for the last 46 years.


                                           Details of Participation in Sports (Ramatotsava)


The event is organized at the various semester levels.  The teams are prepared and selected at the class level at the voluntarily basis. Students show a great enthusiasm for the event. The following events are organized. More than 150 students participated in the (Ramatotsava) 2017-18.


Intra-Class level:


*Football (M/W)

*Volleyball (M/W)

*Basketball (M/W)

*Table Tennis (M/W)

*Badminton (M/W)

*Cricket (M)

*Handball (M/W)

* Athletics (M/W).

*Chess (M/W).




All the winners of the respective events are given felicitation certificates and cash awards. The Best Athletes (M/W) are selected on the basis of their individual performance. They are felicitated with a shield.


Inter-Collegiate level:

The College participates actively in the various sports activities organized at the intercollegiate level. The college has established its name in the following games:


*Football (M/W)

*Volleyball (M/W)

*Basketball (M/W)

*Kabaddi (M)

*Chess (M/W)

*Table Tennis (M/W)

*Badminton (M/W)

*Cricket (M)

*Handball (M/W)

*Weight lifting (M)

*Power lifting (M)

*Athletics (M/W).




The following is the list of sports achievement of the college:


S.N Year Names of the Games                     Performance
1 2012-13 Volleyball (men) G.U. South Zone Champion
2 2013-14 1.Volleyball (men)

2. Volleyball (men)

3. Volleyball (W)

G.U. South Zone Champion

G.U. Champion

G.U. South Zone Runners Up


3 2014-15 1. Volleyball (men)

2. Volleyball (men

3. Basket ball (W)

4. Power Lifting (M)

5. Volleyball (W)

G.U. South Zone Champion

G.U. Runners Up

G.U. South Zone Runners Up

G.U. South Zone Second Runners Up

Winner (District Champion) Khel Mahakumbh


4 2015-16 1.Power Lifting (M)

2.Power Lifting (W)

3.Volleyball (W)

4. Football (M)


5. Basket ball (W)

6. A. 400 M ( Rajesh)

B.1500 M (Rajesh)

C. Discuss Throw. (Vishal)

G.U. South Zone Runners Up

G.U. South Zone Second Runners Up

Winner (District Champion) Khel Mahakumbh

Second Runners up (District Champion) Khel Mahakumbh

G.U. South Zone Champion

Winner (district) Khel Mahakumbh






Inter-University level and Nationals:


Students are selected to participate at the Inter-University and National level based on their performance at the University level. The college takes part in inter-collegiate tournaments organized by university & inter-university events.

Special Achievements: The College received the privilege of organizing the following events at the various levels.

  1. Gujarat university southzone intercollege VOLLEYBALL(M/W) tournament
  2. Gujarat university southzone intercollege HANDBALL (M/W) tournament
  3. Shri Govindguru university VOLLEYBALL(M/W) tournament
  4. Gujarat university southzone intercollege BASKETBALL (M/W) tournament
  5. Shri Govindguru university VOLLEYBALL (M/W) tournament
  6. Gujarat university interzone VOLLEYBALL(M) tournament



Khel Mahakumbh: 2017-18


As usual The College participated in the State Govrnment organized Khel Mahakumbh 2017-18 held at Lunawada. The College begged prizes worth 241000 Rs in the various events.The bifurcation of the prizes is as following:


S.N. Name of the Event Prize (In Rs)
1 Basketball ( Men-Above 16) 72000
2 .Basketball (Women-Above 16) 48000
3  Hand-ball (Men- Above16) 72000
4 athletics 20000


Note: The student of Mr.Santosh Shinde played Ranji trophy (20-20, Saiyad Mustak Ali trophy). He is also played in Deovdhar trophy.