Central Library: The College has a large library, situated at the heart of the College. It has more than 30000 books, including reference books, encyclopedias, text books, criticism and the books of general nature.


DELL: The College has a Digital Educational Learning Laboratory which is set up in the college in collaboration with the Government of Gujarat. The DELL is fully computerized.


The Language Laboratory: Keeping in mind, the importance of languages (Sp. English), the management of the college established the Language Laboratory in-1990. The language lab is also equipped with all the required amenities like projector, LED, internet connectivity etc.


The Book Bank: The College has converted room no. 10 in to a book bank. It is a unique facility.  It holds texts books. These books are lent to all the students without any discrimination.


The Museum: A unique feature of the college. It holds many valuables articles of historical importance.